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Bryant True Hero

The Westport Food Pantry

Honored as Bryant "True Hero" by AGS HVAC Services

Real People. Really Helping. 

[Westport, MA, October 2, 2021] - The Westport Food Pantry was honored today with the Bryant True Heroes Award. The award was presented by AGS HVAC Service as part of a national program to honor people who have gone above and beyond to make a difference in their communities. The Westport Food Pantry was started just over a year ago in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With only a handful of volunteers to start, the food pantry now can proudly serve over 150 local families a week and continues to grow its services. This pantry is run by people within the community who donate their time to help others who are in need. The Westport Food Pantry was honored not only with the Bryant "True Hero" award, but also AGS HVAC Services was able to provide the food pantry with a new heating and cooling system.

True Heroes

Community Partners

In addition, AGS also partnered with the Westport Recreational Department to host a benefit concert to support the Westport Food Pantry. All proceeds of that concert were also donated directly to the food pantry so that they can continue to keep giving back to the community. “They go out of their way to help the people of Westport and being able to help them continue to do so was the least that we could do," said John Slattery, President of AGS. “Being able to see the impact that the food pantry has on the Westport community, and all the work that they do, proves that there are heroes all around us in our community.”"

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